Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a passion.

So, here we are. One of my favourite topics. Food!
Food and the practice of eating food always brings people together. No matter what language you speak or which country you are from, food is a universal language (yes, just like love).

So without further ado, let's talk food. And our love for it.

If you are a fan of sweet potatoes then you came to the right place. I love sweet potatoes! Mashed, fried, in a stew. Whichever way it is cooked, I'm game.

Imagine my surprise when my husband came home from picking up some groceries this afternoon and presented me with a bag of these:

Have you tried them? If not...Well, I think you should.

Crunchy and light tasting. Lightly salted and not at all greasy.

I found these sweet potato chips delicious just on their own. However, you can also try them with your favourite salsa - which I did - and they were just as tasty and crunchy without losing their sweet potato/corn flavour.

The company is called 'Food Should Taste Good' and boy do these folks deliver on taste.

There are several other flavours available for those who like to try new things:

Multigrain, Jalapeno, Olive, The Works!, Buffalo, and get this...Chocolate!!

If you are tired of traditional potato chips and nacho chips but are still looking for a crunchy, slighly salty, snack that's actually healthy and big on flavour...try these chips soon.

And if the great flavour alone wasn't going to convince you to cheat on your news year's resolution, perhaps these added benefits will:

no trans fats
no cholesteral
good source of fibre

I'm already thinking about which flavour to try next, although I am quite smitten with the sweet potato. By the way, the bag is now empty.


  1. I hated sweet potatoes until I learned you didn't have to cook them with brown sugar and marshmallows on top. Yuck. Sweet potato chips=better than potato. Sweet potato fries=better than potato. So much flavor!

  2. Laurie, I have never eaten marshmallow on sweet potato before but I do on occasion drizzle some dark maple syrup and also sprinkle cinnamon on top. Brown sugar and marshmallow must be an American Thanksgiving ritual as I have never encountered that recipe her in Canuck-land.